What is North Curve Celtic? 

North Curve Celtic is a fan collective which represents over 700 Celtic fans within the Safe Standing Section at Celtic Park. The initiative was introduced by the Green Brigade for season 2016/17 with the main objective of building a united fan front for the area, not only to encourage colour and noise but to contribute to social and charitable projects and to have a stronger, unified voice within Celtic Park on fan issues, especially those concerning the North Curve. 
Although closely linked, North Curve Celtic is a separate entity to the Green Brigade. Whilst the Green Brigade is an ultras group, North Curve Celtic is a collective open to all fans within Safe Standing. Naturally, the Green Brigade plays an active role within North Curve Celtic. 
Can anyone join North Curve Celtic? 

Anybody with a season ticket within the Safe Standing section is encouraged to join and every year our membership grows. There are no criteria beyond being a season ticket holder within the North Curve. 
Why should I join? 

By joining North Curve Celtic, you strengthen the influence of the collective when it comes to creating a positive, vibrant atmosphere not just at Celtic Park but on the road. You have the opportunity to join us on the road by joining our away registration. Your £10 membership fee alone will go towards flags, banners and tifos - for example, the full stadium Lisbon Lions 50th anniversary tifo and recent Scottish Cup final tifos have been part-funded by North Curve Celtic members. 
On top of this you have your chance to influence fan issues, particularly those concerning your area of Celtic Park and ultimately affecting your match day experience. As most will know, the area has been under scrutiny for years for a variety of reasons and NCC reps have been effective in defending the area, working together with Club officials on pragmatic safety measures and been successful in fending off unnecessary measures. 
Joining will also give you access to merchandise, events, initiatives and information which are restricted to members only.  
• Every season you receive an exclusive scarf as part of your registration; after that, there are opportunities throughout the season to buy exclusive merchandise 
• You will be invited to help with some tifo setups and flag/banner productions 
• You have exclusive access to a private, members only message board where issues concerning the curve can be discussed and important information can be shared 
How do I join? 

At the start of every season, we take registrations at the bottom of section 111. Here you can complete a registration form and speak to those active within the collective, should you have any questions or wish to play a more active role within North Curve Celtic. 
For only £10 per season, you will receive an exclusive, quality scarf as well as the other benefits listed above. 
How do I keep up to date? 

• Exclusive, private members forum - access provided after registration 
• Twitter: @ncceltic 
• Podcast: North Curve Celtic - available on all usual platforms 
• Enquiries: northcurveceltic@gmail.com 
Aside from the above, those responsible for organising North Curve Celtic are at every Celtic match and will be found behind the Green Brigade banner should you wish to meet or speak in person or please fill in the form below.

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