What is North Curve Celtic?

North Curve Celtic is a fan project introduced by the Green Brigade in the season of 2016/17. The idea behind the initiative was to bring everyone within the curve together, one of the main aims of the project was to have everyone getting behind the team and contributing to the atmosphere, noise and colour within the standing section.

What is the eligibility for joining North Curve Celtic?

In order to join North Curve Celtic you must have a season book in your own name within safe standing, you will need to produce this upon signing up.


Why should I join?



Joining will give you unique access to events, we have previously had members of North Curve involved with setting up displays and have held meetings which give people the chance to put forward any suggestions they may have or air any grievances. This is something which we will be looking to build on for the forthcoming season. We are also putting together a forum which members will have exclusive access to, this will have regular updates of what is happening in and around the curve. Members will also have access to exclusive merchandise, the chance to travel together to away games as well as other benefits.



How do I join?



A sign up table will be located at the bottom of section 111 where you have the chance to sign up and ask any questions which you may have. Upon signing up you will be given your membership card and your member’s silk scarf. The cost of membership for the season is £10.

(Membership for the upcoming season 2019/20 will remain open for the coming weeks, New sign ups will be contacted initially by the contact email provided.)