Updated: Sep 10, 2018

ROSENBERG AWAY Following the ease of seeing off Alashkert we found another summer trip to Scandinavia awaited us, to a place the Celtic support are getting fairly used to in Trondheim, Norway and a trip to the Lerkendal Stadion to face Rosenborg. With no direct flights from Scotland available to Trondheim we made our way from Glasgow to Aberdeen to catch a flight to Bergen and from there we’d be able to get to our final destination. A large portion of the travelling support were staying in the clarion hotel which happened to be where the Celtic team were staying for this trip. Upon arrival the Scandinavian custom of £10 pints began to hit home…After a night out on exploring Trondheim and finding the circus bar’s “cheap” menu we prepared for matchday.

With Trondheim being a relatively small city, the Celtic support gathered in the café Dublin in the city centre. A short walk to Lerkendal later and we arrived at the stadium. Rosenborg’s fan scene is probably the largest support in Norway with 2 small ultras groups located behind the goal in the upper tier, the main group being Ultras Nidaros 99. As a group they were pretty average both vocally and visually. Celtic travelled defending a 2-goal lead to defend and the match played out the way many expected it to with Celtic soaking up the pressure from Rosenborg and despite their efforts they couldn’t break us down and we progressed to the next round.

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